Latex Examination Gloves Powdered/powder free

Product Details

Made of natural rubber
• Minimised free natural rubber latex proteins – advanced manufacturing minimises latex allergic reaction risk
• Highly biodegradeable – made from natural materials
• Powder free
Highest comfort, flexibility, fit and textile sensitivity
Protection level
Bacteria, viruses
Latex Powder Free Gloves
The DART latex examination gloves. Latex is the traditional material used to produce examination gloves, manufactured from natural rubber latex (NRL) extracted from rubber trees. Latex gloves offer high performance thanks to the highly elastic properties of NRL.
Latex is the gold standard in glove material construction due to its performance, comfort, tactility and grip. It should be noted however that some individuals can develop a sensitisation to latex proteins – and in some cases can experience a severe reaction – a Type I (natural rubber latex) allergic reaction. In order to significantly reduce this risk. DART latex gloves undergo a special manufacturing process which minimises free latex protein levels. However, if an individual has a latex allergy, we recommend using DART nitrile gloves as an alternative.
• Superior grip – naturally ‘grippy’ material is ideal for precision tasks
• Excellent stretch – conforms easily to the hand, offering the highest levels of user comfort
• Superior dexterity – thin wall construction for a close fit and excellent sensitivity and tactility
• High durability – excellent tear resistance, even when punctured
• Easy donning – inside of glove specially treated for ease of donning
• Barrier protection – excellent protection against all biological organisms.