Nitrile powder free gloves:

Product Details

DART Nitrile is the brand name for the nitrile examination gloves, Nitrile is rapidly becoming the material of choice for many healthcare workers as it has similar properties to Lates, but benefits from being free of any natural rubber latex proteins.
Within the DART range there are four different gloves options, allowing you to select the glove most suited to your requirements. They are listed below, lightest gauge first. The range allows the user to select the combination of cost, strength, sensitivity and dermatological performance that best suits the task.
• High stretch and elasticity- for superior comfort
• Superior resistance to chemicals- particularly cleaning and petroleum based solvents.
• Strong and durable- excellent puncture resistance
• Fingertip textured- for added finger grip with smoother palms for patient comfort.
• Excellent barrier protection- effective against all biological organisms.
• Latex free-free from natural rubber latex proteins
• Super low dermatitis risk-accelerator and sulphur free variant for a chemically pure gloves.
• Easy donning- inside of glove specially treated for ease of donning.
• Powder free.