Sterile Gauze Swab

Product Details

• 100% cotton, high absorbency and softness
• Cotton yam of 21X32X40’s
• Mesh of 22. 20. 17. 15. 13. 12.11.threads etc
• With or without x-ray detectable threads.
• Folded edge or non-folded edge.
• 8ply, 12ply, 16ply, 24ply, 32ply etc.
• 5X5cm, 7.5X7.5cm, 10X10cm, 10X20cm, 10X40cm, 20X20cm, 30X30cm etc.
• High stretch and elasticity – for superior comfort
• Superior resistance to chemicals – particularly cleaning and petroleum based solvents
• Strong and durable – excellent puncture resistance
• Fingertip textured – for added finger grip with smoother palms for patient comfort
• Excellent barrier protection – effective against all biological organisms
• Latex free – free from natural rubber latex proteins
• Super low dermatitis risk – accelerator and sulphur free variant for a chemically pure glove
• Easy donning – inside of glove specially treated for ease of donning
• Powder free