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I O pieces can be customized
15 pieces can be customized

. IC tablets / pack, 15 tablets / pack sue. 60X60, 60X90 CM.
Performance structure: non woven fabric, absorbent resin, fluff pulp, PE waterproof membrane.
Scope of application: for medical institutions for routine examination or nursing, isolation effect. prevent on
Stop liquid contamination and cross infection. It can be used for diaphragmatic of infants before and after delivery
Long term bedridden patients, fecal incontinence and the elderly.
Usage: the nursing pad can be directly lad on the position to be isolated. matters attention:
l. It is forbidden to use disposable products beyond the validity period;
2. It is forbidden to use non-woven fabric and wood pulp cotton allergy;
3. Store in ventilated, dry and room temperature.
Validity: three years