Vinyl Gloves

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Vinyl Examination Gloves
The Vinyl is a synthetic polymer, more commonly known as polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Vinyl gloves are a low cost option for minimal risk tasks, as they are of lower performance than nitrile and latex gloves.
Many vinyl gloves available on the market today do not comply with the Medical Devices Directive. All products in the DART vinyl range comply fully with the Directive, and may, therefore be used for medical examination purposes, as well as general purpose tasks.
• Smooth finish – silky finish either wet or dry, ideal for washing patients and fragile skin
• Regulatory compliance – medical grade and minimal risk PPE, for low-risk tasks
• Cost effective – low cost, suitable for general purpose and patient care tasks
• Low elasticity – looser fit, but strong enough to prevent ripping on donning
• Higher stretch options – stretch vinyl version available, for improved fit, comfort and dexterity
• Latex free – to prevent Type I (natural rubber latex) allergies
Barrier protection – basic protection against biological organisms.

Powder free